Mid-Week Getaway

thru the windscreen
This year, Diwali provided a much awaited opportunity for a mini-break. Stole away on the morning of Nov 1 and spent 2 lovely days at Hotel Uran Plaza, nestled right on Uran Beach.

The final 100-yards' access is through a rainwater channel that transports you to another world. Its like rumbling through a jungle track!

The Plaza itself is a cozy little place in the middle of nowhere. It's peaceful and affords a cool getaway: lunch laid out amidst a plantation of tall pines, delicious seafood & continental preparations a-la-carte, large coconut plantations and the beach for a little stroll & swim. Detox!

Sunrise thru the Palm tops

One of the attractions of the place is the Retired Admiral John Pereira who owns & manages the Hotel. Cousin to Ronnie Pereira (who served as Chief of Naval Staff from 79 to 82), the Admiral is a charming gentleman. He likes to enquire on his guests, providing the chance for a little tete-a-tete. Still sprightly & energetic, as his granddaughter puts it 'going on 18'. Good man, fun to listen to.

Sunset at Uran Beach