About This Blog

It started out as an online memory bank (thoughts, links), during my post graduation studies. Those moving days. I wrote perhaps my first poem as an Ode to the institute where I studied.
Occasionally I'd write prose concerning some issue that touched my life or moved me deeply like the terror of the train blasts in Mumbai in July 2006 or just a good old family outing.
Of late though, my pattern of writing has changed a bit, and I find the seeds sown by that first Ode have given birth to a poetic instinct in me.
And so, now, when I feel moved enough to write, I tend to eschew the prose form and turn to poetry.
What is poetry after all but a compression of emotion.
A lyrical rhythm that conveys, each time you read it,
a new breath of meaning, a certain delicacy of feeling!

And so I write, not so much as to be read,
but because I feel, and I Think,
and Therefore I Am!