Seeds of Hope

<For Pat: May you find the strength within...>

A seed of hope sprouts,
an act of love.
It plants its roots tenaciously,
nurtured by the womb of fertile earth.
It grows, a shaky sapling,
ever wary, in need of support.

Then comes a day, it stands in its own right,
a sturdy young treeling, confident n hansom.
Not yet wise enough to bear fruit,
but invincible in its bloom.

The earth beams in pride,
the treeling's roots have struck deep n wide.
The earth is its anchor,
steadying it in the face of strong winds,
letting it bounce back against the lashing rain.

All's not well with the world though,
fate strikes, a cruel blow.
The roots that make the tree strong,
a times they are cut, a times they are gone.

The tree is left weak, the earth forlorn.
The wound feels too deep, the pain too sharp,
and yet the tree and the earth,
are infinitely bound.

For every root that is cut,
the tree digs deeper.
In time it heals.
The earth does provide,
the substance that is life.

From an act of love,
a seed grows anew.
Its roots are spread,
and the earth does renew.