Observations from visit to NCST on Sunday, 14th Aug

Dropped in to return a book to the library. PGDST 05-06 batch was undergoing first day’s induction. As the new guys came streaming out of the lecture room passageway into the reception, I was struck by their expression.

Reminded me of my own Day One! The excitement at being in a new environment among a group of strangers was tangible on their faces. I couldn’t help thinking how clueless they were (as was I) about what the year has in store. By the time you’re out, the expression changes from an excited one to a hardened (wizened), ‘I can take it – throw it at me!’ kind of look. The end of innocence, if you please!

Also couldn’t help thinking about the bonds formed during the year with batch-mates and some of the faculty (they’re ex-students too). It’s unsettling at the end when you find yourself minus the companionship enjoyed for a year. For the faculty especially, it must be quite an emotional wrangle -- to form friendships during the year, only to find the nest empty at the end, and then having to start the relationship-building process all over again.


An Ode to NCST-K

A year has passed unlike any other.
I stop to take stock,
of how we stand transformed,
and the things and people that have changed us.

When we first stepped through your doors,
we had no idea of what was in store for us.
We knew the syllabus ‘tis true,
but didn’t know how much hair we’d lose
in getting to learn it.

We knew we’d find teachers, we didn’t expect
to find mentors who spurred us on in the face of odds.

We joined a reputed training institute, we were
surprised to find a world-class learning institution,
with facilities unmatched and commitment unparalleled.

‘Tis rarely that you find a place filled
with people who want to see you learn,
and take the the pains to make it happen.

A place filled with guides and inspiration,
chock-full with endeavour,
such a place is NCST.

To name a few, would be to miss many more,
and unfair to the many individual contributions
that have made this experience so special.

And so we thank you all,
The Administration and Security for planning to perfection and looking after us,
the Faculty for your unflinching commitment,
the Support Staff for keeping the lab going 24x7x365,
the TAs for your technical and emotional support in times of deep misery (read Projects --> deep mess --> messiah),
the Canteen Staff for feeding us (and I don’t care what people say – I love NCST’s lunch),
the gardeners for the thankless job of maintaining such a scenic campus come rain or shine,
the Placement Support team for landing us our daily bread (& better :),
and the higher authorities for conceiving and enabling such an incredible institution.

We carry with us a wealth of learning and memories of many happy moments shared and bonds built with you and amongst ourselves.

These, we will cherish forever. And for that Thank You!

for FPGDST 04-05

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Dinner Party on 5th
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Dinner Party on 5th
MIB, Ladies in Many Hues

Dinner Party on 5th