Strange Melancholy

It's strange that I should feel this way,
I wonder if I feel sad that you're going away,
I tell myself i don't, no, why should I,
knowing well that you're the one who pushed me away.

The only way I'd feel sad was if I thought I was the reason
that made you go away.

I tell myself I'm indifferent,
I'm neither happy nor sad
now that you're going away.

But why do i catch myself feeling melancholy,
do i miss you now that you're going?
no, but still i'll miss seeing you around.
it's a strange kind of feeling.

You told me in those heady days,
that you weren't right for me,
'you need a sweet-heart like candy,
not some crazy vodka-shot mystery'

And when when you cast off without a reason
I finally saw you were right.
You were right and i was wrong,
about the crazy vodka-shot mystery.

It's just too bad it had to end this way
and at times I wonder how we went about
to end up on our separate ways.

Do I miss you,
'no'! I hear myself say,

And yet a part of me is gonna miss
having you around,
vodka-shot mystery.


Rays of Gold

Suddenly I feel at peace with myself,
suddenly I feel a load lifted off my head.

Words I kept from speaking,
flow out, a river racing into the sea.

Feelings I kept from showing,
burst through, sun rays piercing the gray.

Someone high above,
beams their golden smile at me.



Why do I like you so much?

Is it the sweet innocence of your face?
Your beauty and your feminine grace?
It is true for sure, but there's
more to it.

You open up to me
as a sunflower greets the sun.
You make me a part of your life,
trusting and warm.

The sweetness of your voice echoes in my heart.

Where others leave me at a loss,
wondering what went wrong.
You, you feel so right and true.

I could listen to you for hours,
I could spend all my time with you.
Knowing well you won't be
sitting next to me when it pours in June.

The warmth of your heart draws me still,
and I'm bound to you,
not against my will,
but with every strain of my beating heart.

I can think of nothing better,
than to always be with you.
And yet I know, it can't hold true.

April must move on and I must bear
the scorching heat of May.
Wade through the deluge of June,
and brave the winter cold.

But my heart feels strong still,
for it is kept warm by your tender loving heart,
sweet April!


The Honey Bee

A curious bee, that's me,
I can flit around aimlessly,
But mostly I'm your friendly
neighborhood honey bee.

I love the whiff of pollen
from a flower fresh as can be,
The thrill of the dive and exhilaration
When I find that perfect blossom all rosie.

Ah to sip that nectar divine,
And turn it to sweet honey
The sun smiles ever sweetly,
on the good ole bee colony.

We all fly, and sip and dine,
all the while making sweet honey
But lately I've grown a conscience you see,
a rather strange thing for a good ole honey bee.

My wings were wet and I soaked in the rain,
for a while as it may be
No sips of nectar or whiffs of pollen,
all that while were there for me.

Now I fly my buzzing flight,
humming 'I'm a good ole honey bee!'
And I chance upon a rosied bloom
singing 'Honey bee, come to me!'

I think a thought and tell myself,
'What a nice place to be'
I should dive right in and help myself
to those cups of nectar, oh so tastee.

And then it pops, this little thought,
'I'm not carrying any pollen for dear rosie'
So do I dive right in for that nectar so swee',
or should I gather some pollen first for dear lil rosie?

To be or not to bee,
that's quite a question you see
To weigh on the mind
of a curious little honey bee!


Days drift by and still I wonder

Days drift by and still I wonder,
when will the pain subside?
Did I lose a large part of me,
or were you the phantom I aspired to be?

Larger than life, unfaltering,
without limits or conditions,
love flowed from your spirit,
an endless font.

As a child did I bathe in those streams,
the rebel in me bade me jump away a times.
But nary could I stay away long,
for my spirit found harbour in your soul.

The streams that sprang forth as you walked,
they gave life to all that was around.
As phantoms are wont to do,
you disappeared without a trace.

Those streams that sprang beneath your feet,
they are but shrivelled and gone.
Now then, I stand,
a parched soul beside a dried bank.

My spirit perched on a smouldering boulder-rock,
watching a figure kneel in a dry river-bed.
And I wonder,
when will the pain subside?

Did I lose a large part of me,
or will those streams ever spring forth again?


Image of You

I see your face, I call your name,
I hold your hand, we stand in a frame.

We talk, we laugh, we cry,
we stand and walk together
under the big blue sky,
you and I.

Then the sky darkens and a bolt
streaks out of the deep, dark blue.

It strikes in a flash, and
suddenly, I can no longer see you.

My eyes pried
I watch my visions fade.

The still night,
sole witness to my state of mind.

I wonder where you went
and then it sinks in slow...

They told me,
they'd see shades of you,
in the words I spoke.

In the deeds I did,
they could see an image of you.

There were times when I'd hide from embracing it,
but it dawns clearer every passing day.
I see now how true it holds,
we were but cast in the same image,
you and I.

Times I'd see the best, and wonder why I was not.
Times I'd see weakness, and tell myself I was not.
Most times I'd wear a bearskin,
and struggle to be a creature I was not.

Now I no longer have voices tell me I'm so much like you,
in every breath, in every act
I see an image of you.


Five things i didn't know about Larry Page

1. He keeps a pulse on goings-on: insisting on approving every new hire — over 30k! to date -- by scanning a compressed version of the candidate's bio data -- going over one set per week and processing them in three or four days!

2. He has 'boundless ambition': he believes failure is when you stop attempting the outrageous --
  “Even if you fail at your ambitious thing, it’s very hard to fail completely... That’s the thing that people don’t get.”
(throws quotable quotes).

3. He likes people to 'think big' and make their ideas an order of magnitude more ambitious --

In 2003, Google execs debating setting up overseas engineering offices asked him how quickly he'd like Google to grow:
Page:  “How many engineers does Microsoft have?”
execs: About 25,000
Page: “We should have a million,” (in all seriousness).

4. He can have really far-fetched ideas!

In the early 2000s, Eric Veach, a Google software engineer was working on the early version of Google advertising system. Page was adamant on having a simple system which didn't require users to do anything more than give their credit card number.
During one session, Veach pointed out, not all countries commonly use credit cards.

Page proposed taking payments appropriate to the home country — in Uzbekistan, Google could take its payment in goats. :)

Veach: “Maybe we can get to that, but first let’s make sure we can take Visa and MasterCard.”

5. Both Page & Sergey Brin went to Montessori schools -- characterized by a spirit of freedom in pursuit of one's interests -- a spirit reflected in Page's pursuit of projects with potential to improve quality of life.

-- lifted shamelessly from 'Larry Page Wants to Return Google to Its Startup Roots'
by Steven Levy in Wired Magazine online, April 2011 edition.
 which is a shout out to  "In the Plex: How Google Thinks, Works, and Shapes Our Lives", copyright © 2011 Steven Levy, to be published by Simon & Schuster in April.


A Culture of Caring...

Reported to work on a Saturday morning.
The housekeeping staff seemed as surprised to see me as I was to see them.
The weekly mopping, window cleaning, dusting chores taking place. Me
and my team at our desks.

Suddenly we hear a mournful cry in the lane behind us -- it didn't
stop -- a painful slow cry -- as if to rend the air around.

We rushed to see a boy in housekeeping having an obvious fit -- he'd
collapsed and was shaking violently, a secretion from his mouth.

Me and my manager rushed to the admin section to get some medical
attention for the lad -- a very thin and boyish looking chap.

When we requested him to call for a doctor, he tells us that the
housekeeping staff are contractually bound and that their supervisor
would take him to a doctor if he thought fit -- and proceeds to phone
the the contractor to take stock of the situation.

I was a bit appalled at the mindset, which stems from a larger
cultural issue in this organization -- a rot that seeps down from the
Everything here is divided into hierarchies -- if you're a certain
grade of manager, you get the red carpet -- if you're not that grade
of manager -- you might as well be a janitor -- nobody cares.

I was peeved, so I asked this admin chap, 'so if you're not a company
employee you're not entitled to urgent medical attention even if
really required'.

He was perhaps a bit peeved in return -- another cultural issue in the
organization stemming from the top -- you don't argue against
authority here -- just kiss above.

I couldn't help thinking later, there are a lot of cultural issues
here -- that I knew from the start. But I love my work --for the most
part. And I have some really great bosses and colleagues. In short I
like being here.

...but! Is it worth sticking at a place which reduces you to a mere
dispensable! Where you're valued more by your position and your
necessity to a given outcome. And lost in anonymity otherwise.

Is it better to be in a place which values you as a human being,
regardless of your position and prominence, and accords the same basic
dignity and rights to all...


My Bonny Baby...

My bonny baby got tipsy last night,
My bonny baby longed for a little fight!

I was blue cos I couldn't hold her tight,
N she was sad cos she didn't know what to do!

So we made a plan to get high and naughty,
Me n my bonny baby in a Vat o' 69!


Thinking of you...

Thinking of you,
the very thought,
brings a smile to my lips.

This morning is different though.

It's warmer, The warmth of a tender caress,
fills my heart with joy,
Brings a spring to my step.

The world outside looks more beautiful,
I give it a brighter smile,
And it smiles right back.

Thinking of you,
how you fill a void in my heart.

I walk taller, stronger!
Your trust gives me hope,
and confidence!

I never felt more comfortable,
in my own skin.

Thinking of you,
And how you make my world more



Taking the train downtown.

Fair skinned, jean-clad bloke on the next seat working his Blackberry.

First he's on his email, addressed, 'Team, ...', followed by instructions, so I guess he holds a minor position of authority.

Then he's on a call recommending a corporate bond investment to a client (picked up a useful tip there myself).

Then he works Facebook, in between taking the time to reply to a response received on his first mail.

Then something happened that made me laugh.

He makes a call -- from the tone I can tell he's speaking with a subordinate.

So he goes, 'Han, tu office main hai kya, kidhar hai tu? Facebook pe dhada-dhad tere updates dikh rahein hai mujhe!'
(the dangers of adding your boss on your FB friends list! :)

At which the subordinate made a weak excuse of having seen his first mail and already having replied to it.

At which the fair bloke returned, 'I've already replied to your mail, tune mera reply dekha?' -- floored :)

The bloke chuckled, asked the sub to check his email and hung up.

FB! Can't live with it, can't live without it!