Thoughts of sadness and new experiences

Woke up and was thinking while brushing, at about the exact moment, 6:10
marks one month to the day and minute that changed my surviving family's
life. One of those numb moments you pass through in a sense of stupor,
yet tinged with sadness.
Today was also the first time I exercised my franchise as a voter.
Why? Your conscience feels lighter -- you perceive yourself making a
difference, even if the difference is only to your conscience.
As a city bred I partake in the belief that most politicos are corrupt
and hold a bandicoot-like image of them looting public funds in
collusion with public works contractors -- of whom I also hold a
particular dislike.
I also believe that it is the masses - uneducated and morally unsteady -
who hold a sway over who wins. Of these I hold particular disdain for
the lower middle class mentality of seeking personal favours from
locally elected representatives, of the 'jumping the queue' kind. This
is symbolic of a lack of vision where people vote for narrow regional
interests, rather than keeping in mind which party or manifesto can best
provide stability, economic progress and national development -- and I'm
not citing names.
About the experience, what surprised me was the absence of queues.