Image of You

I see your face, I call your name,
I hold your hand, we stand in a frame.

We talk, we laugh, we cry,
we stand and walk together
under the big blue sky,
you and I.

Then the sky darkens and a bolt
streaks out of the deep, dark blue.

It strikes in a flash, and
suddenly, I can no longer see you.

My eyes pried
I watch my visions fade.

The still night,
sole witness to my state of mind.

I wonder where you went
and then it sinks in slow...

They told me,
they'd see shades of you,
in the words I spoke.

In the deeds I did,
they could see an image of you.

There were times when I'd hide from embracing it,
but it dawns clearer every passing day.
I see now how true it holds,
we were but cast in the same image,
you and I.

Times I'd see the best, and wonder why I was not.
Times I'd see weakness, and tell myself I was not.
Most times I'd wear a bearskin,
and struggle to be a creature I was not.

Now I no longer have voices tell me I'm so much like you,
in every breath, in every act
I see an image of you.