My Bonny Baby...

My bonny baby got tipsy last night,
My bonny baby longed for a little fight!

I was blue cos I couldn't hold her tight,
N she was sad cos she didn't know what to do!

So we made a plan to get high and naughty,
Me n my bonny baby in a Vat o' 69!


Thinking of you...

Thinking of you,
the very thought,
brings a smile to my lips.

This morning is different though.

It's warmer, The warmth of a tender caress,
fills my heart with joy,
Brings a spring to my step.

The world outside looks more beautiful,
I give it a brighter smile,
And it smiles right back.

Thinking of you,
how you fill a void in my heart.

I walk taller, stronger!
Your trust gives me hope,
and confidence!

I never felt more comfortable,
in my own skin.

Thinking of you,
And how you make my world more



Taking the train downtown.

Fair skinned, jean-clad bloke on the next seat working his Blackberry.

First he's on his email, addressed, 'Team, ...', followed by instructions, so I guess he holds a minor position of authority.

Then he's on a call recommending a corporate bond investment to a client (picked up a useful tip there myself).

Then he works Facebook, in between taking the time to reply to a response received on his first mail.

Then something happened that made me laugh.

He makes a call -- from the tone I can tell he's speaking with a subordinate.

So he goes, 'Han, tu office main hai kya, kidhar hai tu? Facebook pe dhada-dhad tere updates dikh rahein hai mujhe!'
(the dangers of adding your boss on your FB friends list! :)

At which the subordinate made a weak excuse of having seen his first mail and already having replied to it.

At which the fair bloke returned, 'I've already replied to your mail, tune mera reply dekha?' -- floored :)

The bloke chuckled, asked the sub to check his email and hung up.

FB! Can't live with it, can't live without it!