Guzzling Bytes

Sat up till 3am last morning and finally managed to set up a fully functional WiFi network at home! I guess that tells you, I'm a geek.
Felt a great 'rush', at finally having gotten Wi Fi to work on my new (3 month) Pocket PC. That tells me, I'm a geek!

Why do I make such a big deal out of it at 3 in the morning? It's the freedom of holding a pc in your palm (HTC Touch, powered by Windows Mobile 6). I'm no fan of Microsoft, mind. But I live in Windows world.
And so I celebrated by using Live Messenger to chat with an old friend (the only one online at 3am :D ), used the browser to check my webmail at the corporate MS Exchange server & surprised my client in America by replying to a couple of mails at that unearthly hour.
Yea, nothing noble in that, I know. I was just thrilled to have Wi Fi on my phone.

Even did a test call on skype. So now, as long as long as I'm on wiFi, I have a skype phone.

And today I got the vpn settings right and did a Remote Desktop session to my office PC! that was really cool.

And this is my first blog entry written entirely from my phone!

this is fun! I've become a techno-guzzler.


Hot swap your brain

I love the Net! can't live without it. there are times when you face a complete dead end. there's this config problem or issue that's killing you and you can't get around it. what do i do. wring my hands in frustration and hit the search engine (yea its always google).

my htc touch was refusing to show up (no longer being recognized) on my vista laptop. after wasting a whole evening, i was finally saved by modernnomads.info/wiki .

Realised that the device somehow got disabled (prob some other installation messed it up?... dunno).

ah but now i'm back. Its nice to have a hot swap brain like that. To all those people who take the trouble of logging their tech woes and solutions on the net:
Thank you!