The Keymaker & The Gatekeeper

Was reading John Battelle's 'The Search' and couldn't help thinking about Keanu starrer: 'The Matrix'.

Fitting that a movie on machines grown self-aware and intelligent enough to control the world, draws parallels to some amazing stories from the real world.

The Matrix trilogy featured a Key Maker. A grand master who could make all the keys to unlock the mysterious passages of the Matrix.

And back in the nascent days of the web, (which imho is the closest thing we have to the foundation that could lead to anything remotely like the Matrix), DEC created the Gatekeeper!

The Gatekeeper was a machine with vast amounts of storage and (for its time) an incredibly fat pipe to the Internet.

DEC created the Gatekeeper in the spirit of the public good, and it served as a place for anyone to store and share their files.

Kind of the thing that would have made people's spine tingle in those days. Just like the Matrix. :)


Spare a thought

you see an image.
a squirrel in the grip of a cat.
you think, how heartless!
but its just food.

you see another image.
nurses triaging the wounded
at Pearl Harbor,
marking a chalk cross
on the helmet of a bleeding soldier
with little chance of survival.

you think how could this be happening.
but its only survival of the fittest.

yet you see so much more
and scarcely spare a thought.

the greed of ruthless contractors
-- who cares to stop them,

the moral corruption of politicians
-- who could be moved to replace them.

you see so much more.
but you don't feel...
So you don't think,
so you don't do.

You make do.