Strange Melancholy

It's strange that I should feel this way,
I wonder if I feel sad that you're going away,
I tell myself i don't, no, why should I,
knowing well that you're the one who pushed me away.

The only way I'd feel sad was if I thought I was the reason
that made you go away.

I tell myself I'm indifferent,
I'm neither happy nor sad
now that you're going away.

But why do i catch myself feeling melancholy,
do i miss you now that you're going?
no, but still i'll miss seeing you around.
it's a strange kind of feeling.

You told me in those heady days,
that you weren't right for me,
'you need a sweet-heart like candy,
not some crazy vodka-shot mystery'

And when when you cast off without a reason
I finally saw you were right.
You were right and i was wrong,
about the crazy vodka-shot mystery.

It's just too bad it had to end this way
and at times I wonder how we went about
to end up on our separate ways.

Do I miss you,
'no'! I hear myself say,

And yet a part of me is gonna miss
having you around,
vodka-shot mystery.