Replacing Thermal Paste on your CPU

Ever since I got my first laptop, I've noticed it works fine the first few years, and then starts overheating with minimal use.
The culprit could be dust clogging the CPU fan vent, as well as the effectiveness of the stock thermal paste on your cpu wearing out.

Here's what my CPU heatsink vent looks like after a couple of years of use.
And here's what the stock thermal paste looked like (notice the bleeding over the edge of the cpu, which is not a sign of a good job). Besides it's dry and thinned out, well beyond it's useful life.
The first thing is to clean off the existing thermal paste (the Cooler Master IC V1 paste I got, came with a plastic scraper to help).
 The cleaned heatsink.

And the shiny cpu.
The final bit is to put a blob of thermal paste right in the centre of the cpu. and then replace the heatsink.
As I write this, an hour or two into the first post application reboot, temps are under control, and looking good.

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